Happy birthday, John!

Happy birthday!

John celebrated a birthday this week! Pablo organized a nice get-together on the embassy balcony and we had cake to celebrate. John fell for his ruse to get him down there and had a pleasant surprise. Shortly after that, his assistant organized another pop-up celebration complete with more cake and singing by his local staff employees – fun!

It was a long election week, and now the hard part begins. Hopefully we will enjoy a peaceful transition of power despite the rhetoric of the last few days; I hope Biden and Harris can bring Americans together again over the next four years.

I had a good video call with Pam, Jackie, and Ann last Sunday and Pam took us on a tour of her wonderful new house! I’m thrilled for her, and especially love the location – a lovely street very near our good friends Bruce and Beth.

Thursday was Liberian Thanksgiving. I worked most of the day trying to get caught up, then John and I met the new IT officer and his #2 for dinner outside at Mamba Point Hotel. They’re both really nice and we had a good evening.

I worked yesterday, then we had our neighbors Michael and Karisa up for a game of Wingspan – fun!

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