Kimbap treat


Just as I was complaining to Jamie and Jackie on our video chat last Sunday about the lack of good food options here in Liberia, a co-worker’s wife dropped off this beautiful assortment of Korean sushi (“kimbap” made with cooked fish) – delish! This week she also made professionally decorated cupcakes for our local staff appreciation day and sent me a piece of a wonderful apple tart (that also looked like it was made by a professional chef). And I wonder why I can’t lose weight…!

We’ve been spoiled in November by having short weeks due to holidays, but this was not one of those weeks. We had a full five days, plus I worked late Friday night and all day yesterday. We work an “African schedule” here, meaning office hours are 8 – 5:30 Monday through Thursday, then 8-1 PM on Fridays ostensibly, although that never seems to work out for John and me. I did sneak out at 4:30 Wednesday for a pedicure (at a safe salon) which was a huge treat.

In addition to talking with Jackie and Jamie last Sunday, I also talked to Mary and Pam this week for brief chats. John got up at 3AM Friday night to attend a Zoom birthday party for a friend back in Arkansas – fun!

We watched the remake of “Emma” this week; Emma is played by the actress from “Queen’s Gambit.” We’re also following “The Undoing” with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, and we started the most recent season of “The Crown.” I’m so glad there’s some good TV options to relax with in the evenings.


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