Happy Thanksgiving

Under an almost-full moon at the Ambassador’s residence

Our wonderful Chargé (acting ambassador) and her husband arranged a take-out Thanksgiving dinner; later in the day, we went to our neighbors’ apartment downstairs for pumpkin pie. We topped off the day with video chats with John’s family and David & Alison. We were invited back to the Ambassador’s veranda last night to enjoy turkey leftovers, too – it was a pleasant evening listening to the ocean with a nice breeze.

I was thankful for a nice end to Thanksgiving Day, because the day itself was quite stressful. In between an appointment with the hairdresser, we were running around printing, notarizing, scanning, and getting documents to the DHL office to ship back to Arkansas. We’re trying to close on a condo on the lake near David & Alison next week; now I’m glued to the DHL tracker as I watch the package move slowly across Africa. It’s been a wish of mine to have a place back home for a long time, so I’m happy we’re getting closer to making that happen.

John and I both had pretty stressful weeks; we treated ourselves to a sushi dinner on Wednesday at the Royal Hotel. There’s just a lot going on and we’re still not out from under COVID-19.

I had a nice video chat with my friend Pam in Toronto last Sunday, and chatted with Pam in Little Rock yesterday.  John and I finished the latest season of “The Crown” this week and really enjoyed it. I just finished reading “The Vapors,” a really interesting of Hot Springs’s history of illegal gambling that was shut down in the 1960s – it was interesting to see familiar family names throughout that made me think, “oh that was so-and-so’s dad” – who knew it was such a famous (infamous?) place!

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