Another pretty sunset

I’m not sure how it got to be December already! It doesn’t feel like the holidays are coming up – we’re entering dry season here, the bats have returned to the embassy compound, the humidity is high, and it’s warm and sunny. COVID cases in the U.S. are out of control, and even here we’re seeing an uptick in cases as the Liberians make no attempt to use face masks or socially distance.

Last Monday was a local holiday here. I used it and yesterday afternoon as a way to try to catch up on work in the office. We had a small outdoor ceremony Friday morning for the celebration of the Marines’ 245th birthday. Sadly they couldn’t hold their annual ball, but the lovely cake-cutting ceremony in their full dress uniforms (and masks) under the American flag was moving – I was glad for a laugh when they introduced the youngest Marine in attendance (a tradition) and he was born in 2001! Wow.

Michael and Karisa came down last night to play Viticulture and eat Indian food which was a lot of fun. I chatted last Saturday with Pam, Ann, and Jackie, and Pam and I had another long chat today, too. I also spoke to Carol in Maine which brought back a lot of good memories of being there.

We were excited to receive a care package in the mail from David and Alison with lots of goodies, including a miniature painting by Alison of the Liberian flag to add to our collection! Thank you!

The Liberian flag center

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