“There’s never a lull”

Our excitement for the week came in the form of an interview with a reporter from the LA Times. Someone in the Consular Affairs front office (i.e., executive office) asked John and me if we would be willing to be interviewed for a story about the passport backlog. So we, along with a couple of other people, visited with the reporter for about 30 minutes. You can read John’s on-record comment in the article in last Saturday’s LA Times and confirm my age while you’re there (thanks a lot).

The other big highlight of the week came earlier, on Labor Day, when John and I drove about 20 miles to find a Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart combo. Yes, it’s pathetic, but I am just not a Target girl, and Costco doesn’t have the big container of Ranch dressing mix that I need to make Leslie’s famous taco soup. I was happy…aaah!

Most nights I stayed home this week, except for a going away dinner for our friend Syllie. John went to a magic club meeting in Maryland, and he also had dinner out one night with our friend Richard. I met a fellow this week who is in the class behind us – he was the attorney on the deal when Fidelity bought Alltel a few years ago. Small world – and now he’s an entry-level officer like us.

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