Inauguration 2021

I’m not sure if these are benches or sofas or what – they popped up yesterday on our street.

I was thrilled that Inauguration Day for President Biden and VP Kamala Harris finally arrived! It feels like a new beginning.

Friday night, Country Team members went to the Ambassador’s residence for a toast after he presented his credentials to the Liberian president. It was fun to actually socialize a bit again. I love being on the veranda and hearing the waves crash.

We watched a cute movie called “Quartet” this week. Directed by Dustin Hoffman about a retirement home for musicians – if you watch it, be sure to stay for the credits.

I worked the holiday on Monday and again yesterday. My to-do list just keep growing, and the demand outstrips our ability to provide services. It makes for a lot of stress. We extended a job offer for a local staff position that I’ve been trying to fill for months – fingers crossed it works out and we get a bit of help.

I’ve enjoyed today, though – drinking John’s good lattes and reading a book called “This is Where You Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are.”

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