Happy birthday, Ginger!

Pretty light

Monday was my fabulous mother-in-law’s birthday – happy birthday!

Our wonderful downstairs neighbor Ian texted this morning with an offer of just-from-the-oven sourdough bread (with golden raisins and walnuts) – what a great way to start the day! (We served with Ian and his then-girlfriend-now-wife in Islamabad.)

I don’t have a lot to report this week – work was pretty routine, although we’re short-staffed again which makes for busy days. Folks are keeping to themselves in an effort to stay healthy, so it’s basically just to work and back home. I’ve been having groceries delivered in an effort to avoid the grocery store, since Liberians aren’t keen on masks and social distancing (although you are expected to wear a mask inside the store, compliance is spotty, even among employees).

I had a good long chat with Pam in Toronto last weekend. I worked yesterday afternoon, preparing messaging for the new COVID testing requirement put in place for people entering the United States. Otherwise, we’ve just stayed home – great for my introverted self!

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