Retirement’s looking good

Elk in Boxley

We are so enjoying our time in Arkansas, and keep commenting how good retirement looks…!

We spent time with David, Alison, James, and MaryBeth in the early part of the week, with a BBQ dinner one night and a picnic on the boat the next day – it was a gorgeous day.

On Thursday we drove to Fayetteville, stopping in North Little Rock for lunch with Doug and Deb. We stayed with Phillip and Michele but saw a lot of Pete and Ginger. Ginger took me to a fun flea market, and I picked up a cute table at Goodwill (I’ve been on a flea market kick this trip and have hit several – fun!).

We meandered home via back roads on Saturday and got lucky in Boxley where we saw elk babies! We tried hiking to Hawk’s Bill crag, but I got too tired after 1.5 miles so we turned back. (I’d love to try again when we’re better prepared). We had a great Whattaburger at the original place in Russellville, then continued down Hwy 7 to get home – great trip!

Red-bellied woodpecker


James, Marybeth, David, Alison


Happy John

Pete and Ginger

Little waterfall in Boxley

On the road to Hawk’s Bill crag

Baby elk!

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