Good times

Why I love my husband: when I text him from a thrift store

I’ve been having so much fun that I forgot to blog yesterday! Time slips away.

Three of my favorite people in the world came to visit last Sunday: Ann, Pamela, and Jackie. We spent the afternoon on the balcony yakking away for hours.

Later in the week, Jonathan H. (up from New Orleans) came for coffee and a quick breakfast on his way to take his dad to Easter service. This weekend, Kelly H. from Seattle was in town and spent the day with us (the last time I saw her I was in a wheelchair in the hospital in Seattle!). John’s good friend Russ has been over a couple of times, as well. I’ve had several afternoon coffees with David and Alison (how fun to be able to just stroll over to their place!). And this morning, Chuck D. spent the morning with us drinking coffee and reading to us from his latest book. How wonderful and recuperative to see friends!

Ann with Pebbles


With Ann, Jackie, and Pamela


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