Farmer’s Market


I stopped by the embassy farmer’s market Friday afternoon and picked up some lettuce and fresh eggs. I also had this guy chop me a coconut to drink the water inside – yum! It reminded me of the pipas in Costa Rica, and also drinking a cold one on a very hot day in Cambodia. The lettuce was really good – almost like a cross between Bibb and Romaine. John grilled steaks last night from the NGO and I made a little salad. I tried to roast frozen broccoli but it was kind of a bust – but, I also threw in some frozen green beans and they were good. I took our social sponsee Jim to the grocery store yesterday and was delighted to see purple onions and decent cauliflower.

We spent a couple of hours on the Ambassador’s veranda after work on Friday for a farewell to one of John’s employees. It was mostly local staff – John and the Ambassador gave remarks (which I missed!). We laughed because it was apparent that some of the local staff thought John was the ambassador! We pulled up chairs and visited with some folks and enjoyed a beer and the ocean breeze.

We finished “Hit and Run” and “Schmigadoon” this week – and are still enjoying “Ted Lasso”!

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