Fun and games


We hosted a small board game group yesterday – I just played hostess and watched. It all looked complicated with a lot of fiddly bits, but everyone seemed to have a good time! The game lasted over five hours – yikes!

It was a pretty typical week and it seemed to go by quickly. I worked late on Friday then stopped by a happy hour at the palava hut on the way home, while John was a another game day at a friend’s. The weather was nice enough that John and I sat on the balcony a couple of nights this week.

We finished “Unforgotten” and are sad to see it end. We’re still enjoying “Ted Lasso” and look forward to new episodes. I finished a book by Dr. Jen Gunter on women’s health and today plowed through the delightful “Thursday Murder Club” – a fun recommendation from my friend Pamela.

Here’s a photo of a present John bought me! I love it – a calavera made from Liberian civil war weapon scraps (turned in during disarmament). He knows me well!

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