Flag Day

Pretty sunset

Liberian Flag Day was Tuesday, so we enjoyed a day off. John hosted a late afternoon game day that included a TDYer from Accra – fun to meet new people. While they gamed, I hostessed and also read “Mexican Gothic,” a fun, spooky horror novel.

We had a reception at the Ambassador’s residence after work Thursday to welcome the new Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM, our boss). There were quite a few high-level Liberian contacts, along with representatives from other missions. It was still a relatively small gathering and I was glad to see masks on everyone.

Last Sunday evening, John and I took the new DCM to dinner on the roof of a local hotel. It was a nice night outside and we enjoyed some non-work talk with him.

I’ve been getting manicures again and enjoyed one yesterday, followed by a quick trip to the grocery store. COVID levels have dropped after a worrisome spike in June/July, so I feel a little better about going to the salon again – plus they are good about masking.

I read a fun Ruth Ware mystery, ”One by One” this weekend. We enjoyed catching up on “Ted Lasso,” started Season 7 of “Grace and Frankie,” and started a new French crime series, “Astrid.”

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