First Methodist Church on Broad Street

John and I continue to talk about possible bidding outcomes non-stop – we still have nothing to report yet, Gentle Reader. Everything’s still up in the air and we have to resign ourselves to not hearing anything over the weekend or possibly for weeks to come. We’ve also spent time this week interviewing people to take over our own jobs, which really drives home the fact that we are entering the homestretch of our time in Liberia, as next summer rapidly approaches!

John is totally enjoying the influx of gamers to Embassy Monrovia! We hosted game day last Sunday. I’m glad to see him have so much fun!

We went out for sushi last Monday night. Tuesday night I attended a dinner at the DCM’s house with three visiting Canadian diplomats from Abidjan – they were delightful to visit with. Yesterday I took two relative newcomers with me to the salon. On the way home, Nicole and I stopped at a little shop and drove through the busy street market where she was delighted to buy sweet potatoes.

On the TV front, John and I are up to date on “The Morning Show,” “Ted Lasso,” and “The Chair” – and getting caught up on the new season of “Sex Education.”

As our friend Jackie says, “It’s all good.”

End of rainy season clouds and sunset

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