The Great Flood

Lovely sunsets this week

Sadly, our apartment flooded yesterday when a hose on the hot water heater came loose. I was at the salon, so poor John had to deal with it on his own. Neighbors ran up to help and the embassy sent over a cleaning crew – about half the apartment was completely covered in water, including our rugs. Everything is topsy-turvy as pretty much all furniture had to be moved around to get the water (and rugs) out.

Last Monday was a holiday and we hosted a game day. Later in the week, we had a mass casualty drill at work. Thursday we had a small dinner at a restaurant near work to bid Luke farewell, along with some others from John’s section. I had a great video chat with my former boss who’s now in Pakistan. Most of the week, John and I obsessed over bidding. We are still completely up in the air and keeping fingers crossed.

I finished a book by Alan Alda on communication – thanks to Ann for flagging his “Clear and Vivid” podcast, as well. I started a book called “Being Wrong” but didn’t get all the way through it before the library loan ended, so I’ve put it on hold again. We finished a good crime series called “The Chestnut Man.”

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