Happy new year!

We spent a very nice, very quiet New Year’s weekend at home. John cooked black-eyed peas for New Year’s Day – heaven knows the world needs more luck, so we did our part. We got a lot of reading in, plus some television. I did not even set foot outside the apartment all weekend!

Last Sunday I had a good video chat with Ann, Pam, and Jackie, and a mid-week chat with Cousin James. Work was busy, as usual, with everyone still worried about COVID rates in Liberia.

We’re watching a spy series called “Berlin Station” that we enjoy, plus we watched “Don’t Look Up.” I’d kind of like to re-watch it, as I haven’t made up my mind about it – but it is fun and campy. I finished reading “Being Wrong” (interesting but dense for me), and also read a diet book “Women, Food, and Hormones” (don’t recommend, but picked up a few things), the very interesting and engaging “Countdown bin Laden” by Chris Wallace, and the fun “Embassy Wife” by Katie Crouch.

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