Long week

It seemed like a very long week! The holidays are over and the Christmas tree in the atrium is gone. The consular staff is all back in the office after some took time off at the end of the year but we’re all still being very cautious about COVID since numbers are still high in Liberia. There’s a last push of students trying to get visas for spring classes and we’ve had a few emergencies with U.S. citizens — yesterday brought several calls from the duty officer. I guess it’s back to business as usual!

I had a nice video chat with my former boss Nomi who’s currently in Tijuana – we had a great time catching up. John and I finished season three of “Berlin Station” and are lamenting there are no more seasons! I read Cal Newport’s “Deep Work” yesterday and have been pondering how to use some of his ideas for doing less “shallow work” – he hit the nail on the head talking about the tyranny of email and its constant distractions.

The manager of the embassy cafeteria made John and me a special dinner of salmon to take home one evening – it’s the small things! The consular section celebrated our employee James’s 53rd birthday with a cake this week.

Happy birthday, James!

This would have been Joyce’s 98th birthday. Rest In Peace.

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