The Grind

We’re back into the rhythm of work and it’s mostly business as usual, although we are still observing mitigation efforts to prevent the spread of COVID. Luckily cases seem to be going down a bit. I had a video chat with a desk officer in DC regarding adoptions this week and got in an outdoor visit with a former colleague, but other than that it was a fairly typical week at work.

We talked with Ginger (and Pete) on her birthday this week (Happy birthday!). I chatted with Ann, Pam, and Jackie last Sunday which was nice. John and I had a video meeting with our financial advisory on Thursday. The rest of the week we watched (and finished) “Stay Close,” which we enjoyed. We’ve started a second Cush Jumbo show called “The Beast Must Die.” I’d only seen her in “The Good Wife” before, but really liked her in “Stay Close.”

I finished “The Emperor’s Children,” by Claire Messud and enjoyed it. I’ve been tracking my reading on Goodreads and was heartened to see I read 24 books in 2021 – not working weekends helps the book count. I hope to have more in 2022. While I certainly don’t read the heavy books that John does, they are fun and relaxing.

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