I can see clearly now

I was able to have cataract surgery on Thursday with the fabulous Dr. Hester in Little Rock, and I can’t believe the difference it makes. The eye is still healing but I’m able to read signs in the distance, etc. – amazing. I’ll still need glasses to a certain extent, but I am thrilled to see colors, textures, and street signs again.

I completely forgot to blog last week! We got over our jet lag after a few days, and John finished his employee evaluation so we started coming out of the fog last weekend. The first few days we were home were rainy, which was just perfect. We’ve seen David and Alison, of course, and Cousin Julie dropped by with a sweet birthday gift for me (wine and wine glasses, thank you!) – we celebrated both my birthday and Mother’s Day in Fayetteville with John’s parents. It was a beautiful drive – everything is so lush and green. We had lunch one day with the Stokers at a new Tex-Mex place. David and Allie had us over for a yummy dinner last night, and we were delighted to see PeeWee – the first time an opera star has sung happy birthday to me!

I’ve done some shopping and we’ve watched some TV. We also joined a gym, so we’ve been going there in the mornings, too. Life is good! We watched “The Dropout,” about the rise and fall of the bio-med company Theranos, which we enjoyed. And we loved “Anatomy of a Scandal.”

Flavia loves the condo!

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