Old friends

This week was filled with old friends, starting last Sunday with Ann, Pam, and Jackie coming for brunch on the balcony. It was a bit chilly (!) but we sat outside all afternoon yakking – big fun! Later in the week, we went to Chuck’s house for a fun dinner and catch-up session, and Thursday, Miss Charlotte Bobo came for lunch. And we stopped by Star of India to have a bite to eat Monday when we were suit shopping for John – fun to see Samy, as always.

I tagged along with Alison and Peewee for another shopping adventure Wednesday night – we went to Benton to hit a couple of stores and had dinner at a new-to-us place over there. I bought Flavia a nice soft bed, but she has systematically refused to sit in it – although John caught her in it once! We also had burgers with David and Alison yesterday outside at their new pavilion while we enjoyed the lovely weather and watched the numerous boats on the lake. We heard the fireworks at the airport last night and could glimpse them over the treetops – fun!

I had an eye doctor appointment (my eye is healing well), we tried a new burger joint, and I hit a couple of flea markets and estate sales during the week – I even found John a board game and we whiled away an afternoon playing it (Ticket to Ride Nordic). We continue to go to the gym every morning, too. We’re up to date on “The Staircase,” “Hacks” (so funny), and “The Offer” (very good!). I finished a great biography of Mike Nichols (wow) and a historical fiction about Hedy Lamar (amazing).

Life is good at the lake!

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