Bunking party

Happy birthday, Ann!

Last night we had a fun bunking party for Ann’s birthday at Muffy’s house – lots of laughing and enjoying being together! Muffy was a great hostess, as usual, and it was wonderful to catch up. Old friends are the best!

Speaking of old friends, John’s friend from Systematic days, Dewayne, came for lunch on Saturday. I left for Little Rock, but he stayed the afternoon catching up with John.

John and I tried Rocky’s pizza for lunch one day (delish!), and we had massages another day. I ran errands here and there, and it poured rain a couple of days (which we love). We got our visa applications in the mail for Argentina – fingers crossed there are no hiccups there. I had cocktails with David and Alison one afternoon. I tagged along for girls night with Alison and Peewee again – we walked along Bathhouse Row and through the Arlington, and listened to chamber music street-side (it’s the Music Festival week here). We finished the evening with Mexican food on the lake at Trejo’s.

Thursday night, John and I were glued to the TV watching the House Select Committee hearings on the January 6th insurrection. In non-fiction, we watched “Operation Mincemeat” (good!), and got caught up on “The Offer.” We finished “The Staircase” (unsatisfying ending) and we’ve picked up on Season 8 of “Homeland.”

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