All around town

Flavie in her new bed

Flavie decided she likes her new bed after all! She looks so cute in it.

This was another fun week! We had dinner with David and Alison on their lovely porch overlooking the lake Monday night. I tagged along with Alison and Peewee for their Wednesday night outing, and we ended up having dinner at Rocky’s – a Hot Springs institution, but somewhere I had never been before. It was great, and now I want to go back to try their pizza. John and I had fried catfish at the Red Oak Filling Station (new to us) one day for lunch. Thursday night we had a nice dinner out at The Oak Room at Oaklawn with Julie and Scott – it was fun to catch up with them. Friday night my good friend Leslie came for dinner. We talked and talked till we were blue in the face, and continued the next morning over coffee (our first overnight guest). We wrapped up the week with a fantastic brunch at Peewee’s in honor of David’s birthday tomorrow – with special guest Chuck! Peewee is a wonderful cook and hostess.

I read an historical fiction book about Hedy Lamar, “The Only Woman in the Room” – very enjoyable. I’d always wanted to read about her and her scientific inventions. Next I read “The Dung Beetles of Liberia,” a book I’ve been trying to find for a while. It was a fun read about a bush pilot in Liberia in the 1960s (based on true events). After that I read “American Baby,” a non-fiction book about adoptions in the U.S. post WWII and how many women were coerced into giving up their babies; this book followed the story of one woman in particular and it was heartbreaking.

We’re caught up on all of our regular shows. In addition, we watched “Charlie Wilson’s War” (a Mike Nichols film) and “The Darkest Hour” about Churchill. We also binged on season two of “Borgen,” a Danish political drama that we really like.

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