Old home week

Lea, my former colleague from Monrovia, arrived this week to start working in the consular section with me. We went out for a drink last Sunday and talked for two hours straight getting caught up. It’s been fun having her in the office this week as we both learn about our sections and think about ways to make improvements. We had lunch with her and her husband Jose, who will be working with John in the management section – Jose worked for John back in Monrovia, too. It’s great to have them here.

I also had the chance to say hello to Jamie, one of our A-100 classmates from 15 years ago – he’s here in the public affairs section. John went out with him for drinks Friday after work while I got my nails done.

We also welcomed our new DCM Abby to post this week; John and I both had our introductory meetings with her. She has a great reputation and it seems like it’s deserved from our first impressions.

Yesterday our new housekeeper Pilar came to our temporary apartment to talk through the terms of employment, etc. I was delighted to learn that she is Bolivian and I can understand her Spanish! The Argentines have a heavy accent that is difficult for me (it sounds very Italian and double LLs are pronounced with a “J” sound).She seems on the ball.

John and I went to a couple of new restaurants this week – one night for sushi and last night to a parrilla (meat on the grill) called La Dorita – fun atmosphere and good food. Most restaurants here don’t open til 8PM, so we’re always on the lookout for places that open earlier.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been here a month already! Our permanent apartment should be ready in the next couple of weeks – I’m anxious to start feeling more settled.

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