Getting settled

We were thrilled to move into our “real” apartment yesterday! We’re still living our of just our suitcases, but we’re glad to be out of the temporary place so we can start to feel settled. Flavia is not happy about the move, but hopefully she’ll start feeling more at home soon. We’re in a nice part of town and have a lovely view from the 11th floor.

Lea and I went out last Sunday for a drink, and she came over to the new apartment yesterday. We sat on the balcony and yakked, enjoying the sunny day. She and I went out Thursday night with Jill and Marko – we had a fun time at a wine bar. Jill selected a nice Pinot Noir from Patagonia (Barda) that I really enjoyed. While Mendoza gets all the hype, there are good vineyards in other provinces, as well.

I read a fun book last weekend, “Falling,” written by a former flight attendant – it was quite the page turner and a fun read.

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