Testing my limits

I had three representation events to attend this week, which were fruitful and enjoyable but severely tested the limits of my introverted self! Wednesday night was a welcome event for our new DCM; Thursday was a public affairs event; and Friday afternoon was for consular contacts. The public affairs event was for alumni of student exchange programs – it was fun to see so many young, smart kids who had gone on transformative adventures via Fulbright programs to the United States. I talked at length to a young electrical engineering student who had gone to Fayetteville, Arkansas – he just raved about Arkansas and how much he loved it there and wanted to return to visit. At the DCM’s event, John and I spent a long time talking with a retired Exxon exec who was fascinating. And during the consular event, I visited with representatives of airlines, the head of the morgue, the head of the tourist police, and others who work with us to help U.S. citizens abroad.

All of the events were held at the Ambassador’s residence, the Palacio Bosch, an enormous and beautiful palace on the national historic register.

After the consular event on Friday, John took me to a nice dinner in Palermo where I had a yummy crown of cauliflower. When I got home, I jumped on a video chat with two State Department friends: Jim in DC and Cathy in Calgary. We laughed and talked for two hours until I got too sleepy to talk any longer – it was great to catch up with them! I also had a fun chat with Ann, Pam, and Jackie last Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday I walked until my legs were about to drop – to Palermo to meet Lea for brunch after her yoga class, then home again with some shopping along the way.

With my work bestie Lea at Palacio Bosch

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