Labor Day Week

For some reason, short weeks feel more like long weeks, I guess because you have to jam in as much work in four days! We enjoyed the day off, but had labor of our own: the ritual of checking your inventory of Embassy-furnished items (e.g., beds, sofas, lamps). It involves crawling on the floor to find the tiny tag with the inventory number on it – we got quite the workout before it was all said and done!

John and I went to a fun backyard BBQ yesterday at a co-worker’s house. We had a lot of fun meeting some new folks and eating chorizo and steak hot off the parilla.

I spent time with Lea on Labor Day across the street at Invernadero, a nice little outdoor restaurant with a resident cat:


Thursday evening I had a great, long, catch-up chat with my friend Nomi who just relocated to DC. We yakked almost three hours! She and I worked together in Islamabad.

John took me out for a nice dinner after work in Palermo. It was one of my favorite meals here so far, hip little place in a fun part of town. We stopped by an ice cream shop for a gelato afterward – there’s an ice cream shop on every corner here and I finally couldn’t resist an espresso martini gelato any longer!

We all scream

Here are a few random shots:

Sunrise from our living room
Puerto Madero from last week’s dinner out
Large piece of art at restaurant last week – I’m not sure of the type of tree, but they are everywhere here
Wall of wine
Night shot of statue across the street

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