Paint & Sip

At Palacio Bosch

The Federal Women’s Program sponsored a fun “paint & sip” event this week, and around 75 women attended at the beautiful Palacio Bosch, including female diplomats from a variety of countries. It was a fun event! The woman who runs the company did a fantastic job (as did the wonderful staff at the Palacio) – I was impressed that she said she only hires women over 45, as they often have problems finding work – so it was girl power all around.

John and I had a fun video chat with our old friend Lydia and her husband Cesar yesterday – they are more famously known for being Honey the Chihuahua’s parents (we dog-sat Honey for a few months in Islamabad). They are bidding on Buenos Aires, so we chatted about life here. Nothing would make us happier than to have Honey (now 13!) nearby, and, of course, her parents, too!

I also a had call this week with a colleague in Riyadh who is working with management there to manage the feral cat population on the embassy grounds – something I worked on when I was in Islamabad. Fingers crossed that management there understands the benefit in stabilizing their feral population. I was tickled a few weeks ago when a colleague who just arrived from I’bad told me the C’Attaches were still going strong there!

After two months here, John and I finally watched some television last night, the new season of “Trapped,” an Icelandic crime show. I love seeing the countryside and we like the actors.

Here’s my version of the image we were to paint at Paint & Sip:

And here’s Flavia enjoying her friend, the sun:

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