Iguazu Falls


John and I flew to Iguazu Falls Thursday morning – wow! We love being back in a rain forest, and the waterfalls are gorgeous. We went to the Argentine side Friday, then to the Brazil side the following day. Both were spectacular in different ways. The area has had very heavy rains, and the falls were full and muddy.

We walked under the Devil’s Throat Fall on the Brazil side – thank goodness our guide brought sturdy rain jackets for us, although we still got pretty wet! Yes – we were out on this walkway with the water flowing right under our feet!

Water, water everywhere!

We’re staying at a lovely resort and have a private villa and plunge pool, all surrounded by green jungle – it’s really wonderful and I may not ever leave! In the late afternoons, we’ve taken a couple of short excursions: one to a small hummingbird garden where we saw some beautiful birds and another to an animal/bird rehab center. I caught this howler coming in from the jungle to steal a snack and check us out:

We were tickled to see a toucan right before we entered the national park on the Argentine side:

Today we drove about 45 minutes to the small town of Libertad where we got on a boat and went birding. We were on the Parana River on the border with Paraguay, then took a couple of smaller tributaries to see birds. Everything was lush and green, and there was a waterfall, too!

On one of the tributaries
On the Parana River
We’ve enjoyed the resort!

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