It has begun

Boxes and boxes

Our household goods arrived Friday! We’re spending the weekend (and then some) putting things away and making the apartment feel like home. Despite LOTS of purging before leaving Liberia, it still feels like a lot of “things”! While the apartment is large, there’s not much storage, so we’ll have to get creative!

Last Monday was a holiday and John arranged a guide to take us urban birding. Not far from the house is an EcoReserve – we strolled along the sidewalk and saw lots of birds, then went inside the park for a while. We spotted over 50 kinds of birds – lovely. My favorite was a huge stork flying overhead!

Urban birding

I had a good video chat with James and MaryBeth on Saturday. John and I watched (and loved) “Bad Sisters” (thanks, Pamela, for the recommendation!). We also thoroughly enjoyed “Elvis”! We’ve started season two of “London Kills,” a good crime drama.

Here’s a shot from San Telmo last weekend:

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