Topsy turvy week

Great lunch view!

The week started well last Sunday when we met our DHS colleagues for a fun lunch at Roldan’s – the outdoor restaurant abuts a horse ring and we got to watch riders practice their riding and jumping while we enjoyed huge steaks!

We shared!

On Thursday I was thrilled to be invited to the unveiling of a mural at the Ambassador’s tennis court and got to meet Gabriela Sabatini, someone who I watched play in the 80s and 90s – a tennis icon. I also had a photo opp with Diego Schwartmann, a top-tier player – both he and Gabby were featured on the mural. My selfies looked terrible, so I’m not posting them but it was fun!

The week took a turn when Flavia stopped eating suddenly. We’ve had a couple of home visits by the vet and have taken her for fluids and meds at the nearest emergency hospital for three days now. She isn’t in visible distress, but her appetite comes and goes, and she is having digestive issues. We love this little booger and hope she makes a recovery. She’s been all around the world with us, starting in Little Rock when we found her as a kitten.

Getting IV fluids at the hospital

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