Looking up

Flavia’s future got brighter!

Things are looking up for Flavia! The vet came again Wednesday night and gave her a steroid and vitamins, along with some fluids. Almost immediately she started eating and hasn’t stopped! I’m sticking with canned chicken, as she seems to like it. We are thrilled and cautiously optimistic.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Lea and Jose at their house, along with Josey, another co-worker. The turkey was delicious and Lea made a great apple crumb pie for dessert. We really like them so much and are glad they are here. Lea and I also went to lunch on Monday (a local holiday) at a neat place called Mooie in Belgrano. I even drove and parked – getting my courage up to drive here.

Friday night we met Phil, a friend of Mike and Wayne’s, for dinner at Hierro. We didn’t know him, but he was just delightful and we had a great time visiting with him over a steak and wine while he is in Buenos Aires for vacation. Nice guy!

With Phil, a new friend

We stayed home this weekend and watched the Argentina – Mexico soccer match yesterday. Argentina redeemed themselves after a loss earlier in the week – the office was not a happy place to be on Tuesday after they lost their 7AM game. Across the street from the embassy, the city set up a huge Jumbotron TV and there were huge crowds of people there. I’m sure they were a lot happier yesterday after their win!

Last weekend I finished ”Jane Eyre” – I suppose I read it years ago (who knows), but it was fun to read. Today I finished “Bravo Company” by Ben Kesling, the nephew of our Hot Springs friend PeeWee. It’s gotten a lot of good press and it was good — and highlighted the need for better care for our veterans. TV-wise, Pamela got us hooked on “Dead to Me,” a potty-mouthed but fun dark comedy (Christina Applegate reminds me of a mash-up of Jennifer Aniston and Tanya Harding), and we have continued to watch “The Law According to Barbara” and the Swedish “The Hunters.” We also started the clever “Wednesday” last night.

Here’s another photo from dinner.

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