Happy 27th!

Gorgeous light and clouds from kitchen window

John and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary on Friday! The years have flown by with lots of happiness and adventure!

I worked from home all week – it was exhausting! I worked a couple of almost-12-hour days, plus a full day on Tuesday, which was a local holiday. It’s an interesting project but quite tedious.

Tuesday night was a treat – Kyle and Jon, two acquaintances from Little Rock, were in town and stopped by for a visit. We enjoyed catching up and reminiscing about old friends; it’s always a treat to see a familiar face in a foreign country.

With Jon and Kyle

Last Monday was also a holiday, and I set out for a solo bike ride. It’s so fun here with all the bike lanes! John and I got out again this morning and it was lovely.

Bike riding zen

I met Lea for brunch yesterday at Gontran Cherrier by the cemetery. Good food and lots of laughs. Later in the day, John and I walked up to see the animals for adoption – it’s so hard not to bring them all home with us! Today we went out for lunch at a little parrilla not far from here; it was a nice walk. Afterward we ran an errand at the mall. John also got his 4Runner running and decked out with a new battery this weekend.

We watched an excellent movie this week, “God’s Crooked Lines” – really, really good. I finished reading “The Body Keeps the Score” and started re-reading a 1959 favorite of John’s, “The Magic of Thinking Big.”

Flavia in her bed

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