Catching up

I split my time this week between being back in the office and finishing up my DC project from home. We had a DC visitor this week who came to help us with some team building exercises – the other managers and I took him for drinks after work on Tuesday, then Lea and I had dinner with him on Thursday.

Yesterday John and I went to a party upstairs on the (mostly enclosed) roof in our building (the “zum”), hosted by our friends Mara and Ben. Gorgeous views from there! They were celebrating the anniversary of their meeting at a “jorts” party (jean shorts) – it was a fun afternoon chatting with work friends and meeting some new people from other missions.

I finished Graham Greene’s “The End of the Affair.” Ann recommended a new Apple TV show, “Shrinking” and we just love it – the creators of it are also writers/creators of “Ted Lasso.” Really cute.

Not much else to report this week!

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