March Madness

Another gorgeous sunrise

The Razorbacks made it into the Sweet Sixteen of March Madness NCAA basketball tournament, and John figured out a way for us to watch it on television – alas, they didn’t win but we enjoyed watching the first half! I made a quick video call to my old friend Gordo during a timeout. He and I won the Dillard’s pool many years ago, and the tournament always makes me think of him.

Wednesday after work, we visited with Mara’s dad Mark Sloan and his wife Michelle Van Parys, both fascinating artists. Mark spoke highly of his visit to Hendrix a couple of years ago when an exhibit he curated, “Southbound,” was hung at our Windgate Museum. Small world note, Mara’s husband Ben has a great-uncle who was president at Hendrix when I attended — what are the odds of that?! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to chat with both of them.

Friday was a local holiday. Lea came for early morning coffee, then I met Jenae for lunch up the street. We chatted for a couple of hours, then I went to the Museum of Popular Art across the street from her apartment. It’s a tiny museum but they had a fascinating exhibit of ponchos.

Poncho of babies

Yesterday I went by the flea market to see Tony and give him a bagful of bubble wrap (he was thrilled) – he gave me a decorated tie in return. I found this gem that I want to bring home (but didn’t):

I finished Joan Didion’s “Slouching toward Bethlehem” and started “Demon Copperhead.” John and I watched “La La Land,” a film we had avoided for some reason but enjoyed — although it was not the “feel-good” movie we thought it was going to be. But still fun.

Here are a few more ponchos.


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