Vacation’s over – boo!

Old feed store

Sadly, our fun vacation came to an end yesterday and we arrived back in Buenos Aires this morning. The flight was fine, all on time, and I was able to sleep some. Flavia was glad to see us, but Pilar took good care of her while we were gone.

April 19 marked the end of an era: we sold the Monroe Street duplex! I love that place so much, but it really needed more attention than I could give it. I know that my good friends Bruce and Beth will take excellent care of it, and I was happy it will stay “in the family”! I think I bought it in 1994 or so, and it will always have a special place in my heart!

We went to Little Rock on Wednesday to sign the closing documents for it, plus I had an eye doctor appointment and we closed a bank account. Mary had us over for a BBQ lunch at her house, then we met Deb, Doug, and their daughter Anna at Local Lime in West Little Rock.

Thursday we drove to Fayetteville for the day, and had lunch with Philip, Pete, and Ginger. It was great to see them and the drive up there was beautiful. It rained on us most of the way home, then the bottom fell out when we got to Hot Springs – it rained and rained and stormed all night! Lovely!

Last Tuesday, Chuck and I went to check out the relatively new Majestic Park ballpark, a beautiful complex of baseball fields. The park is an homage to the major league teams who used to come to Hot Springs for spring training. We had fun watching a high school game!

With Chuck
Practicing my swing with The Babe

We finished up the trip by having BBQ at David and Alison’s Friday night, along with PeeWee.

In the “small world” category, John’s Argentine friend Hernan, who he worked with back in the day (and whose house we went to for an asado not too long ago), has an aunt who lives on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, not too terribly far from us. I ran over last week to pick up a package to bring to him – Aunt Hilda was a doll and we enjoyed a visit.

With Aunt Hilda

John and I went to yoga several times this week – so nice! We caught up on some television: “Succession” and “Ted Lasso,” plus we watched “The Accidental Tourist” and started a new series, “The Diplomat” with Keri Russell. I finished reading Geena Davis’s memoir, “Dying of Politeness,” and “Rules of Civility,” by Amor Towles (who also did “A Gentleman in Moscow”).

I ran a couple of errands Saturday morning before we left, and couldn’t help but pull around to the back of the track and watch the jockeys breezing horses – it was a bit chilly and sunny, and the horses were beautiful. Several of the jockeys yelled good morning and asked if I had brought coffee for them – it seemed everyone was in good spirits.

Morning breezing

I loved this great image of Eudora Welty at the Atlanta airport.

It was great to be back in Hot Springs! Until next time!

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