Happy anniversary!

My in-laws Pete and Ginger celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary yesterday – happy anniversary! We had a nice chat with them.

Pretty sunset from kitchen window

My boss was out this week so I covered some extra meetings and issues – it made for a busy week. John and I laid low this weekend, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We ventured out a bit on Saturday – lunch at the parrilla around the corner from us (pretty good and very convenient), then later we walked up to the park to see the dogs for adoption. This gorgeous galgo (AKA Spanish greyhound) was hanging out with us, then decided he needed to get under my legs and lift my feet off the ground (I look a bit like Edith Ann in this photo). He’s a bit too big for us and they are known to like to chase small animals (i.e., cats), so he’s not the doggo for us, but he was really beautiful and so calm and sweet!

I finished reading “The Maid” today then had a video chat with Ann, Pam, and Jackie. Saturday night, we finished the 16th and final episode of “Crash Landing on You,” the Korean series we’ve been watching for a while – it was just so much fun and such a sweet, sweet show – watch it!

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