Short week

Thanks to a U.S. and a local holiday back-to-back, we had a four-day weekend which was great! Last Monday we went to a small going-away get-together with Patrick, Jess, and baby Logan. We visited with Jamie and Kat and I got Logan to sleep for a bit. Tuesday I met Lea for lunch at a Spanish place, then we went shopping at a leather jacket store – fun. Later we met up again for happy hour with Kat at La Cotidiana.

Work was busy and stressful this week – lots to jam into three days. I was glad for Thursday’s yoga class after work with some co-workers – we’re using the consular waiting room so it’s very convenient!

I met Lea for lunch yesterday at a good Peruvian restaurant and we briefly shopped at another leather store – thanks to its proximity to high-end hotels, the prices were easily double what we looked at last weekend.

Today we walked to La Carniceria for what’s probably our last get-together with Jamie, Kat, and Toby Ravetz – we’ve really enjoyed getting a chance to hang out with them during this tour! Jamie had been telling us this restaurant is his favorite parrilla here, and it didn’t disappoint!

Jamie and John in front of a meat fridge at La Carniceria

Friday was the 8th anniversary of Mom’s death – hard to believe. I’m reading “Unbroken,” a fascinating story of a WW2 survivor and Olympic runner – it’s engrossing. He was born in the same decade as Mom – truly part of the Greatest Generation.

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