I can see clearly now

Lovely morning

My big news was getting my second cataract surgery on Thursday (the first was last year). It’s amazing to see so clearly and to see such vibrant colors again! I’ll still need reading glasses, but I’m very happy. Dr. Hester in Little Rock did this surgery, too, and I really like him (a Hendrix grad). Everything went smoothly and recovery is going well!

Kelly H. was in town from Seattle and spent Thursday afternoon and evening with us – it was a lovely afternoon on the balcony and we had a great time catching up. John’s friend Rusty came on Tuesday and spent the day – I brought in Stubby’s BBQ for lunch and they had a big time talking all day.

Kelly H.

Saturday John and I hit the Farmers’ Market in the morning and had breakfast downtown; we also stopped and got water from the hot springs, something I started doing on our last trip home (delish!). Later in the day I had coffee with David.

John and I are watching the third season of “The Morning Show,” and we’re really enjoying “The Bear”! I’m reading the crazy account of a cult in NY, a true story based on a very wacky psychoanalysis premise. I finished “Outlive,” and am about to finish the audio version of “Remarkably Bright Creatures.”

Really enjoying the hummingbirds!
Early morning geese
No filter!

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