New day

Moon over the horizon

The photo above doesn’t do the moon and sunrise justice as I was coming back to Argentina this weekend – it was gorgeous, and I’m assuming the mountains peeking through the clouds were the Andes (?). It was beautiful. (Almost as beautiful as seeing little Flavia after five weeks!)

But as pretty as it was, it was not prettier than this foggy sunrise one day last week in Hot Springs – it really looked like smoke as it moved across the lake:

My last week in Hot Springs was fun: catfish with David and Alison at RedOak Fillin’ Station, grilled salmon with David, Alison, and PeeWee in their gazebo, dinner at Julie’s with Scott, Jordan, and Jonathan, the arts and crafts fair, and almost daily yoga.

Chuck and I toured Origami Sake – it was so neat. They use Hot Springs well water and locally grown rice, and the sake is delicious. They served it chilled like wine – I’ve only had the warm cheaper stuff for the most part, so this was mind-boggling to me. I’ll definitely be buying some to drink when I go back to visit. I’m in yoga with the adorable Japanese wife of one of the guys running it and enjoyed getting to chat with her this week (I love the folks in my yoga classes – they’re all so very nice).

A Thousand Cranes and White Lotus

A couple of hummingbirds were still around on my last day in Hot Springs, even though the weather broke and fall arrived with chilly mornings and perfect days. I left a feeder up for them in their last few days.

Canada Geese

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