Family visit

With Phillip & Michele at Querandi Tango

I caught the tail-end of Phillip & Michele’s visit to Argentina this week. They had traveled with John to Mendoza, then they went further south to Calafate and were there when I returned. We had the chance to go out on their last night in Buenos Aires to catch dinner and a tango show – lots of fun! It was a different tango show than John and I saw before, in a more historic building.

John had a great time visiting with them, and he really enjoyed Mendoza. He also took them on a tour of beautiful Bosch Palace while they were here:

Last Monday was a U.S. holiday, so I took advantage of the free time to see the hairdresser and go to a dermatologist appointment. And there was a local holiday on Friday, so I had a nice three-day work week. The weather turned cold again this week which was nice.

Yesterday we visited with our neighbors Matt and Katherine at their apartment – nice folks! I finished reading the fabulous “Cutting for Stone” and started “Tom Lake.” John and I began watching the wonderful “Lessons in Chemistry,” which I recently read. I also watched a bit of the “ring of fire” eclipse on YouTube – it looked so neat.

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