Plugging away










Lucky shamrock from Pete and Ginger

We’re just plugging away in Hebrew. We pretty much are just going to class and coming home to study for several more hours. Not fun! But we do have our moments of respite.

On Wednesday, we went on a field trip with our instructors to the Holocaust Museum – John and I had not been there before. It’s a wonderful museum – great architecture and presentation of an unbelievable time in history. We were lucky enough to be there on a day when they had a Holocaust survivor speak, a series called “First Person.” The woman we heard was incredible – in her 90s and fascinating. She was a young mother when she was sent to Auschwitz.

The nice thing about our Hebrew department is that it’s small – there are probably only 10-12 of us, so it has a cozy feeling to it. (There is only one other person in class with John and me.)

We watched “Gran Torino” this week – it’s an excellent Clint Eastwood movie (and he is not usually one of my favorites). And we caught up on some Law & Order episodes we had taped.

Saturday we literally studied all day, then we celebrated with a nice dinner out at Harry’s.

We’ve started calling Flavia the vampire cat. She stays under the bed all day, then comes out at night for limited visits. I’m not sure if she is scared, or what – she has always slept all day anyway, but sometimes she doesn’t even come out for breakfast. Hopefully she will get more comfortable. Last week, the maid came and scared her to death. After literally turning the apartment (including beds and sofas) upside-down, John found her behind the refrigerator. We’ve asked housekeeping not to vacuum in hopes they won’t scare her so much; we can do it ourselves with less trauma to her, I think.

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