Details, details

I love so much of the architecture in Buenos Aires – when you stop to look, you can see all kinds of lovely details. Sadly, many buildings are in disrepair. I saw these two features over doors last week as I was leaving lunch with Lea in Palermo.

Monday was a U.S. holiday and I thoroughly enjoyed the extra day off! I had a video chat with Ann and Pam on Sunday, and continued that on the holiday with an additional chat with Pam, Karen in Brazil, and David. Nice to catch up with folks!

In addition to our boss being out, Lea also is on vacation this week, so I did some work in the American Citizen Services unit to help out. I always enjoy that.

There’s a definite summer vibe to the office – lots of folks take summer hours, meaning they work more during the week and leave early on Friday. John’s been doing that, but I prefer the shorter days and quiet Friday afternoons. This week, the Marines did a fundraising lunch and were grilling and selling choripan – delicious! (Chorizo sausage link on a bun with chimicurri). John and I sat outside with some other folks to enjoy ours.

John and I watched “Children of the Flower Moon” this week – it’s long so it took us several days to get through it. We started the new season of “True Detective” with Jodi Foster, and watched an episode of “Suits” (an old show we never have watched before) and “Poker Face.”

Yesterday John treated me to a delish lunch at El Refuerzo in San Telmo after my hair appointment – it was really good and kind of off the beaten path – I liked that they had a more creative menu than many restaurants in town. We’ll definitely be back!

Roasted Camembert with veggies, pesto, and basil
Burrita cheese with pesto, prosciutto, and homemade pickles
Strip steak with typical criollo salsa over amazing roasted potatoes in iron skillet

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