All’s well

Flavie living her best life!

This week was pretty calm! Lea and I had lunch last Sunday at Birken – nice to sit outside. Work was busy as usual, as I was covering for American Citizen Services and the section in general.

Today my book club met at Roldan – always nice to sit outside there and watch the horseback riding lessons going on! It was a beautiful day with a great breeze to counter the heat of the summer. We discussed this month’s book, “Cloud Cuckoo Land.” I also started Ambassador Yovanvitch’s “Lessons from the Edge.”

John and I enjoyed “The Holdovers” and also dipped into “True Detectives” and “Criminal Record.

Yesterday John and I had a yummy seafood lunch at La Pescadorita in Palermo, and stopped for dessert at Invernadero. I had a good convo with Pam and Ann today on a video chat – love catching up!

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