Heat wave

It’s been very hot all week but the heat broke today and it’s been absolutely lovely. I’m enjoying it while I can — it’s supposed to climb back up close to 100 this week. Lea and I went to a great little restaurant today, Catalino, and sat outside on their garden patio. The food was delicious – we had two dishes that had amazing fresh figs.

I had several routine doctors’ appointments this week, plus a bonus root canal and temporary crown – yikes! Right before Christmas, I broke a tooth but didn’t have time to do anything about it before we left on a cruise.

I finished Ambassador Yavonovitch’s “Lessons from the Edge” and highly recommend it. I also read Liz Cheney’s “Oath and Honor” and recommend it, as well.

Yesterday John and I met some embassy colleagues for a special tour of an amazing art exhibition by Renata Schussheim. I had never heard of her, but we really enjoyed her art and her theatre costumes. We also enjoyed walking through the cultural center that’s devoted to youth and the arts – it’s a gorgeous space with practice rooms for dance, music, and relaxing.

After the exhibition, John and I had a delicious lunch at La Ferneterria, then I had a two-hour chat with my friend Ruth from the cruise.

Here are a few pieces from the Schussheim exhibit:

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