Retirement class

I worked from home most of this week so I could take a four-day retirement class. It was a lot of great information about our savings program, federal benefits, social security, taxes, insurance, etc. – lots to absorb and now I have a three-page to-do list of things to follow up on.

Last Sunday I biked over to the Malba museum for the first time. It’s a lovely museum. In addition to their fabulous collection of Latino art, they currently have a small Frida Kahlo exhibit and a much bigger exhibition of Cecilia Vicuña, a female Peruvian artist/activist from the 70s and 80s.

Love this tiny piece by Vicuña (translates to “Clean”)
”Self portrait with monkey and parrot”

Friday evening, John and I met Ed and Catherine for dinner – they were in town from neighboring Montevideo. We served with them in Islamabad. We enjoyed an al fresco Thai dinner in Palermo at Punch and had lots of fun catching up with them.

Saturday John took me to Desnivel for lunch in San Telmo, an old school bodegon (translates to something akin to a diner) where we had a good steak. I like that neighborhood and need to spend more time wandering around there. We stopped in a cool little art shop on the way to the restaurant where we enjoyed looking at small works by young artists.

I had a long chat with my friend Scott (also from Islamabad) yesterday that was a lot of fun, plus Joan and I got in a good conversation during one of my lunch breaks. John and are enjoying “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” plus a few movies: “Sliding Doors” (oldie but goodie), “Nyad,” about long-distance swimmer Diane Nyad (excellent, and the super-cute French comedy, “Up for Love.” I finished reading “Burnout” and “The Guest.”

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