Full moon?

Was it a full moon this week? It seemed like a tough week all the way around!

I talked to some friends this week — Karen in Brazil and Muffy in Arkansas. John and I are enjoying “Feud: Truman Capote and the Swans” and we really liked the movie “American Fiction.”

Lea and I had lunch at a cool vegan place last week, Sacro. Yesterday we had hair appointments at the same time in San Telmo, so we had lunch beforehand at a little steakhouse, Grandes Carnicerias del Plata.

I was shocked this week to learn my friend Jay died in Puerto Vallarta – I’ve known Jay and his husband David forever. David reached out to me for assistance, and I was able to put him in touch with the right folks at the consulate in Guadalajara and the consular agency in Vallarta. They did amazing work (as usual) to help David. Jay would have turned 57 next week.

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