Old friends

With Marina at Mishiguene

An old friend from Hot Springs is staying with us for a few days, Marina P., and I don’t think she’s changed a bit since high school! We had a great dinner at Mishiguene on Thursday and another great lunch at La Cabrera on Saturday. We’ve had a lot of fun catching up and she’s having a good time exploring Argentina. 

In addition to Marina, we had a chance to visit with Don H., an old friend of John’s, after John saw on Facebook that Don and his husband Bo were in Buenos Aires. They came over last night and spent the evening with us – big fun! 

Last Sunday John and I had lunch at Sarki’s, a fabulous Armenian restaurant – I really loved the food. Coincidentally my book club met there the very next night (we read “Lost Voices”) and I was happy to go back and try different dishes. 

We had epic rains here this week – it just poured for days! We were soaked getting to the restaurant for book club and it didn’t stop until Thursday. 

La Cabrera with their pole of lollipops

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