Happy birthday to me

With Pilar

Happy to have another year of a luckily wonderful life! Pilar surprised me with a poached pear crumble after work – so sweet.

We were happy that Scott and Julie enjoyed their time in Argentina! They treated us to a delicious dinner with good wine at Verdot the night before they left. So nice to see them and get to spend time with them!

Yesterday morning I went to Silvia y Mario’s shop and picked out a couple of leather jackets to be made – I hope I like them (I think I will). A co-worker was there at the same time – it’s always fun to have a buddy to weigh in!

My favorite expedition guide on our Antártica cruise, Morten, sent me copy of his book on polar bears (Polar Bears Beloved and Betrayed) and I finished it this weekend. It’s beautifully done with the most amazing photos of polar bears I’ve ever seen. The crux of the book is that while everyone assumes climate change is the biggest threat to the bears, Morten focuses on the legalized hunting of these beloved creatures – over 1,000 legally killed each year, out of a population of around 20,000. It’s outrageous (thanks, Canada, Denmark, and United States). Reading it was difficult, but Morten’s excellent writing and stunning photos make it possible.

I’m on a bit of an Albert Brooks kick – I watched a documentary about him not too long ago (done by his bestie Rob Reiner), then read an interesting article about him in the Atlantic. John and I watched “Defending Your Life” this weekend, and started “Mother” last night. He’s just so darned funny and Debby Reynolds is just perfect.

The fall/winter light in Buenos Aires was lovely this week.

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