Low key week

Asador (griller) Mario

We topped off a very low key week by driving up to the suburbs for a parilla at our friends’ Rachel and Ray’s house last night. The upside of living in the ‘burbs is having a backyard, small pool, and a big grill – nice! We had a fun evening visiting with our hosts and also Lea and Jose, Josie, and Ray’s mom Nita. The food was delish, and as you can see, there was a lot of it!

At work, we are starting the summer transition season and welcomed one of the two new deputies in my section. We had visitors from the Educational and Cultural Exchange branch of the State Department in this week, and I learned a lot about the au pair and summer work/travel programs – very interesting.

Last Sunday I chatted with Ann and Pam, then with Nomi a little later – so good to catch up! John and I have enjoyed the second seasons of “Hacks” and also started I think the third season of “Cobra,” a British political show (I’m enjoying seeing Jane “Little Voice” Horrocks in it). And we watched a very early Albert Brooks’ movie, “Real Life,” which was oddly prescient with its take on reality TV. I finished my book club book, “Someone Else’s Shoes” and started “The Two Headed Whale” this morning (thanks for the rec, Joan!).

We saw the Monument of the Spanish lit up in Argentine blue last night on our drive home:

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