DC in the Springtime









With Adrian

It’s absolutely gorgeous here right now. I walked through the cemetery next door yesterday on my way to the grocery store and it was beautiful – azaleas and dogwood everywhere.

We got up early yesterday and picked up our friend Jimmi for a tour of the Treasury Department, along with her mom and her mom’s best friend. It was an interesting tour – it’s a beautiful old building that has been restored for the most part. The interesting thing is that the docents are all employees who volunteer their time on the weekend, and they obviously love the building. John was especially excited to see the original portraits of Washington and Lincoln that are used on our one and five dollar bills.

We had dinner last Sunday night at Harry’s with Adrian, one of our favorite folks from Juarez – he was in town this week for a class at FSI. It was great to see him, plus, he’s a big movie buff, so it’s always fun to hear his movie critiques!

The week was pretty low-key. We managed to sneak in several movies: “Grey Gardens,” “Precious,” and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox.”

My friend Cathy and I attended a workshop Wednesday night about travelling with pets – I’ve got to get in gear to research the import requirements for Flavia to Israel.

Other than that, the week was taken up with Hebrew study, oy vey!

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