What a cute Neanderthal couple!

John and I went to the Natural History Museum yesterday to see their new permanent exhibit on human origins – they have a cool interactive exhibit where you sit in a photo booth and have your picture taken, then it’s converted to how you would look as a Neanderthal – if you look closely, you can see it’s our eyes and mouth. Scary, hmmm?

We had two of the Mexican staff in from Juarez this week, so we went to a dinner with the Juarez gang on Wednesday night at Asia Cafe. It was great to talk to Erik and Evelyn, although it is still difficult, since the conversation still always touches on the murder of our friend there. It is still hard for everyone. But, it is so fun to see them relax and enjoy being in such a beautiful city.

On Thursday, I drove to Maryland after class (about an hour’s drive) to get my hair cut at a Ouidad-certified salon (Ouidad has a salon in NY, where Julie and I went years ago for haircuts – she specializes in curly hair). I got a great cut and had an interesting conversation with my Druze stylist – I’ve only recently heard about the Druze, a religious group in the Middle East, so it was fascinating to talk to her.

Friday night, we went to a small fun party in the District at a friend’s house. It was good to relax after a week of study!

Yesterday, we had lunch at Harry’s with our friend Sarah, who was in town this week in between her Bulgaria and London assignments. From lunch, we metro’d to the museum, then got back to the Oakwood in time for a birthday party for the one-year-old child of our friends Whitney and Ale. Whitney’s mom and step-dad were in town, and I always enjoy visiting with his mom – she’s a hoot.

With the Juarez gang at Cafe Asia

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